Master of Pharmacy or M-Pharm is an advanced course in the field of life sciences to serve the community regarding health-related issues. It enables the students to understand the manufacturing of medicines and their reactions in the human body to restrain various diseases. 

As a branch of medicine, a Master’s degree holder of Pharmacy can equally prescribe tablets to patients like a doctor. The Pharmaceutical industry has developed to such an extent over the recent years that it offers a wide range of employment opportunities. 

It helps the students to gain academic qualifications and strong analytical skills to work in a practical field. 

Why study MPharm?

  • Diverse Career Options: After completing M.Pharm, students are eligible to work in the medical industry and retail industry as well. Moreover, they can opt for further research and work as academicians to train the upcoming youth for developing their pharmaceutical skills.
  • Develop Skills: Students also develop a varied set of skills consisting of problem-solving and decision-making skills. Ambitious students can apply to foreign universities for research work that would broaden their career and job prospects.
  • Work Flexibility: Pharmacists can work according to a given period, unlike doctors who are required to work in the time of emergencies.
  • Demand: The increase of diseases among people in the present times is posing a threat to humankind. It leads to an increase in prescriptions and the evolution of drugs simultaneously. It results in the great demand for pharmacists in the medical industry that leads to good career growth.
  • High Income: It also assures a good earning. M. Pharm graduates can gain a high monetary benefit which results in satisfactory progress in their career.

MPharm: Scope

MPharm in any domain can provide ample opportunities in both the education and job sectors.

  • One can pursue a PhD in Pharmacy specialization based on his interest and choice. It allows him to have a mastery over this subject which in return fetch him lucrative job positions. Some specializations are PhD Pharmaceutics, PhD Pharmacology, or PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Students can also pursue MBA or PGDM and LLB programs which will enhance their career prospects. An MBA degree will help them get a managerial level job, and an LLB degree will fetch them corporate lawyers in a pharmaceutical company.
  • There are numerous reputed Pharmaceutical Companies, Food & Fermentation Units, Educational institutes, Drug Control Administration, Sales & Marketing departments, Research Agencies, Industries, Laboratories, Hospitals both in India & abroad to offer various job roles.
  • If students seek jobs in the public sector, they can also work as drug inspectors and pharmacists. A Master’s degree in Pharmacy helps the students in a quick promotion which brings growth in their career.
  • Students can also begin their own pharmaceutical companies and medical stores that are equally beneficial for their career advancement.

MPharm: Jobs & Placements

MPharm offers students excellent job placements and career opportunities. The students are exposed to technical theory and practical training to equip them to be the best employ them. 

MPharm: Job Profiles

The following table provides an overview of the job roles/positions, details, and salaries.

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary
PharmacistDistribution of medicines, providing instructions about the right usage and dosage of medicines to their patients.INR 2.5 LPA
PharmacologistFormulates and researches drugs.INR 4.8 LPA
PharmacognosyDeals with medicinal research about Ayurvedic, Unani, Yoga, Homeopathy, SiddhaINR 3 LPA – INR 6 LPA
Drug & Quality ControlConduct Quality control checks to ensure quality assurance of the medicinal drugs.INR 6 LPA
Oncology PharmacistDoes research and test medicines related to the treatment of cancer.INR 7 LPA
Clinical Project ManagerPlanning, Designing, and Directing clinical research projects.INR 9.9 LPA
Medical WriterKeep records and updates regarding product usage & research results.INR 4.2 LPA
Research ScientistCarries out research studies in laboratories concerning the reaction of drugs and medicines in the human body.INR 7.3 LPA

MPharm: Top Recruiters

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • AG Medical Communications
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Novartis
  • Novozymes
  • Cipla
  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Lupin
  • Aurobindo
  • Zyduscadila
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • Abbott India
  • Biocon
  • Wockhardt
  • Ranbaxy
  • Adani Group
  • Taj Pharmaceuticals, etc

MPharm: Skills Required

MPharm is a highly beneficial degree and the graduates need to have a varied set of skills to work in a challenging environment based on the job roles. Some of the skills which must be present in M.Pharm employees are:

  • Problem Solving Skill
  • Analytical Skills
  • Soft skills including written & verbal communication
  • Organizational and Disciplinary Skill
  • Cooperation among peer groups
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Knowledge about chemical entities
  • Medical writing & Ethics
  • Marketing Skills
  • Strategic Thinking